Feb 7, 4:13 PM
tommywiseau (Guest): yeah, gamedex.co
Feb 7, 4:13 PM
jerome (Guest): je vis dans une forêt
Feb 7, 4:14 PM
mcdanald (Guest): go f*ck urself as well
Feb 7, 4:14 PM
jerome (Guest): i will check this out
Feb 7, 4:15 PM
mcdanald (Guest): brobro
Feb 7, 4:15 PM
mcdanald (Guest): fuxk
Feb 7, 4:15 PM
mcdanald (Guest): off
Feb 7, 4:15 PM
mcdanald (Guest): imgonnatrashthisplace
Feb 7, 4:32 PM
Guest2540 (Guest): test
Feb 7, 4:43 PM
Guest8999 (Guest): Whats this stuff?
Feb 7, 5:00 PM
Kal: The good stuff
Feb 7, 5:47 PM
Guest9594 (Guest): Hi
Feb 7, 6:49 PM
Guest9680 (Guest): Hi, how can i start with this.
Feb 8, 2:24 PM
Dustin Vann (Moderator): Right now you can register at www.cryptocurrencyfinancial.org - This site will be live shortly.
Feb 10, 11:21 AM
AY3 AYY5: i have an acc in coinbase they do not verify my bank acc what can i do?
Feb 10, 2:40 PM
Coin Alert (Moderator): Try to connect a different account
Feb 12, 4:55 PM
Luxboy78: Is someone using the site kraken?
Feb 13, 9:25 PM
Jason Stone (Moderator): Yes, Kraken is a great trading platform in the US
Feb 14, 1:46 PM
Willian Llamosas: Hello I am new
Feb 14, 1:50 PM
Willian Llamosas: I was watching the digital news and I found all this and wanted to take a look at this in the bitcoin and begin to read an inform me
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